What Gets Left Behind review at Hellbound Times

What Gets Left Behind cover image

For the second review of Mark West’s What Gets Left Behind, the latest volume in the Spectral Press chapbook series, we have to thank Walt Hicks of Hellbound Times. To read Walt’s thoughts on the story, please go here.


We are currently reading through all the submissions that were sent – due to the high number of these, plus having to prepare for FantasyCon 2012 at the end of this week, notifications will be sent out to all in early October. We here at Spectral Towers would like to apologise to all those writers who have submitted material for the annual for the unavoidable delay and any inconvenience caused. Will be back on track very soon!

Onwards and upwards!

Christmas Ghost Story Annual: an update

Spectral Press logoJust a tiny update for all those who submitted to Spectral’s first annual Christmas Ghost Story anthology and are awaiting responses – due to an encounter with kidney stones, in which Spectral’s editor came off quite the worse for wear, as well as having to get ourselves prepared for FantasyCon coming up at the end of next month, reading all the submissions has been delayed somewhat. However, the process has now started and the book will be out on time, so responses will start to be sent out very soon.

Apologies for any inconvenience caused!

Spectral/This Is Horror competition update

Spectral Logo 2This is just to let everyone expecting the announcement today of the winner of the Spectral/This Is Horror short story writing competition that there will be a week’s delay, due to circumstances beyond our control. Apologies for keeping you all in suspense, but we promise that we WILL be announcing the winner next week!

Many thanks for your patience!!