The Respectable Face of Tyranny: the paperback (plus other stuff)

Yes, you read that right – Gary Fry’s novella, launching the new Spectral Visions line of longer works in April, will also now be available as a paperback. You can pre-order copies below, but please note that this contains the lead story only – the bonus novella, World Wide Web, is ONLY available in the hardback edition, of which only a few copies are left (see here for details on ordering the limited HB edition if you want both novellas). The paperback will be available through Spectral only for the time being, but it will also be made available through Amazon shortly before official publication.

Prices include postage and packing.

UK – £5.99 (£4.99 + £1 p&p)

EU – 9 Euros (6 Euros + 3 Euros p&p)

USA  – $12 ($8 + $4 s&h)

RoW – $12 ($8 + $4 p&p)

And yes, that’s right, I said Amazon – Spectral is spreading its wings in a bid to get its name out there to the masses far and wide. That may be a commonplace these days, but it shows how far Spectral has come in such a short time. We are also looking to upload an e-book there at some point in the future, too. There’ll be an announcement when it’s available – look out for that!


The winner of the Spectral/This Is Horror short story writing competition will be announced on 9th March 2012 – we’ve had more than a few VERY strong, high-quality entries and deciding the overall winner is proving to be a tough one. Keep on the lookout for a special blog announcement here very soon!!


Now, SFE has its very own Facebook page – go here to ‘like’ it and please spread the name around!! Thanks!!

Assorted items of news


“Rough music: (- n) a loud cacophony created with tin pans, drums, etc,; the cacophonous ringing of bells, hooting, blowing bull’s horns, the banging of frying pans, saucepans, kettles, or other kitchen or barn implements with the intention of creating long-lasting embarrassment

Sometimes, the sounds we hear in the dark have resonances that we cannot foresee…

 “A writer whose skill is admirably suffused by a thorough grounding in the art of past masters of the macabre” Stephen Volk

The fifth volume of the Spectral chapbook series of ghostly/supernatural stories, from World Fantasy-Award nominee Simon Kurt Unsworth,  is currently well on its way and will be available at the end of this month/early part of March to subscribers. Sadly, it’s sold out – but we heartily encourage people to take out  a subscription to ensure that you never miss out on these highly sought-after items. Paypal buttons can be found down the right-hand side of this website. There are still some places available starting from Volume VI, The Eyes of Water by Alison Littlewood, author of the bestselling A Cold Season (Jo Fletcher Books).


This novella, due to be published on April 2nd and which will also have the honour of launching the new Spectral Visions line of longer works, is selling extremely well, with copies going very steadily. Gary’s chapbook for Spectral, Abolisher of Roses, sold out in very short order, even before it was officially published, and this looks like it could be going the same way. To order your pre-publication copy, go here – but you’ll need to get in quick to secure this hardback edition, complete with bonus story World Wide Web, full-colour cover designed by Neil Williams and a silk ribbon bookmarker, before it does sell out. The postage is FREE in the UK and there’s also HALF-PRICE airmail shipping for international orders!


All the entries are now in and this week will see me reading every one of the entries we received – the winner will be announced at the end of the month. Looking forward to seeing what chilling inventiveness people have come up with. Good luck to all those who sent a story in!


Don’t forget, too, that editing and proofreading services are  now being offered by yours truly, for both the seasoned professional author and aspiring writer alike. The Spectral chapbooks have been noted for the excellence of  their editing, so why not take advantage of my services to help you produce a highly-polished piece of work. Details of what’s on offer, as well as my rates, can be found here. Please don’t hesitate to contact me with regard to your writing project to see what I can do for you – I’ll be more than happy to help in any way I can!

New Year – New Venture!

Some of you will have noticed that a new page has been added to this website – Spectral Freelance Editorial.

What’s that? you may ask.

It’s the new freelance editing business that Spectral have set up as an adjunct to the publishing – in other words, Spectral is now providing an all-round service in all aspects of the industry. If you’re an author, why not go and have a look at what we’re offering and see if we can help you today! Just click on the heading SPECTRAL FREELANCE EDITING next to About Spectral Press on the home page.


Congratulations to upcoming Spectral authors Alison J Littlewood (The Eyes of Water) and Simon Bestwick (Cold Harbours) for making the cut in this year’s The Years Best Horror Volume 4, edited by Ellen Datlow. Ellen will also be writing extensively about Spectral’s debut year in her summary, to be published as an introduction to the book. The volume is due to be released this Spring and will be available through all the usual outlets.

MORE good news for Alison – if you’re British, then you will know of Richard and Judy’s Book Club. Alison’s debut novel, A Cold Season (Jo Fletcher Books), has been selected by the club as the Book of the Month for March. Congratulations to Alison for making such enormous strides in her career in so short a time!! The book is launched next week, an event I am looking forward to immensely, plus I am extremely proud to be publishing her chapbook in June this year!!