Whitstable: a video and a new review

Whitstable cover image

We here at Spectral are glad to report that Stephen Volk’s Spectral novella Whitstable has been doing exceptionally well in both the hardback and paperback editions, making it on course to be the most successful Spectral publication yet. If, however, any of you out there have been dithering as to whether to buy the book or not, then maybe this wonderfully atmospheric promo video by Mark West of Rude Dude Films might help you to decide – we think it’s one of Mark’s best productions yet:

And, just to encourage potential customers even further, here’s a link to the latest review of the book – this one’s from the British Fantasy Society website and was written by Dave Brzeski. This one is an especially sweet review – at least we think so. You can find the relevant write-up here.

The limited hardback edition has now SOLD OUT! Paperbacks can be bought from the Spectral Shop (first option on the menu bar above).

A new video and a new review

The Way of the Leaves cover image

This morning we bring you the latest promotional video, by Rude Dude Films, for the December Spectral chapbook, The Way of the Leaves by David Tallerman. This one captures the tone of the story perfectly – so hats off to Rude Dude for this atmospheric effort! Enjoy!

The 13 Ghosts of Christmas cover image

Next up is this review for The 13 Ghosts of Christmas over on Heathen Harvest,  a webzine normally devoted to some of the more out there areas of the musical universe. Simon Marshall-Jones, Mr. Spectral himself, wrote for them for a couple of years whilst he was involved in running a record label, so this somehow feels like coming home for him. Anyway, if you want to read what they had to say about this volume, then click here.

More reviews soon!

The Eyes of Water by Alison Littlewood: promo video

Eyes of Water Front Cover

Once again, Mark West of Rude Dude Films has put together a short promo video for the next chapbook, Alison Littlewood’s sold out The Eyes of Water, to give you an idea of what it’s all about. It captures perfectly the stunning beauty of the Mexican cenotes in which the story is set – but still, behind that beauty lurks danger for the unwary….

Thanks to Mark for his work on this one…

Talking of being sold out, this neatly brings me on to the issue of subscriptions – many of you are now coming up to the end of your current subs (with most ending with Volume VII), so I would humbly suggest that any who wish to continue subbing should renew as soon as possible because these little chapbooks tend to sell out quickly. Another incentive is that the yearly price will soon be going up (but only slightly) in line with the recent ludicrous increases in Royal Mail postage rates, so buying now will mean that you get your chapbooks at the old rate. We here at Spectral will make it as painless as possible but, rest assured, there will still be the same attention to detail and high quality that are the hallmarks of the imprint. More details will be forthcoming as to when the prices will be increased and what the new rates are going to be.

Following on from that, we have decided that, from the March 2013  issue (Paul Kane’s Creakers – Volume IX), there will also be an increase in the print numbers of each edition, to 125. This is being done to allow more people to experience what Spectral is all about. We think this will be a good move, and is further confirmation that we are heading in the right direction.

Onwards and upwards!