Post-con news, reviews and other things…

FantasyCon 2011 is, very sadly, over, but there’s always next year’s event to look forward to, which many attendees are already doing (this one included). There will be a full report of what happened on these pages within the next few days (including a review of Saturday night’s fabulous theatrical entertainment) but, in the meantime, here’s what you can be getting on with Spectral-wise – to wit, notices of two reviews of Nowhere Hall, two interviews and a new column.

The first review is from The Black Glove online ‘zine, wherein Nickolas Cook calls Spectral “…one of the most exciting, and truly literary, of the small press horror publishers to come out of the UK…” – his write-up is both succint and insightful, and you can read what he said here.

Review number two is by Adrian Brady, and can be found in the new Morpheus Tales Review Supplement (#14) which is available to download for FREE  from here. You’ll find the write-up on page 33, Brady saying of Spectral that “… [I]f this short but scary chapbook is anything to go by, Spectral Press is in the top flight of the small presses…” – gratifying stuff indeed!

In the same issue you will also find a new column, appropriately called Ramblings of a Tattooed Head, in which I will, as is my wont, pontificate and ruminate on matters genre or on whatever subject happens to be keeping me in thrall at that particular moment. This issue the column, which starts on page 25, sets out my stall and my credentials, but I will be looking at whatever aspect of genre is bothering me from the next instalment.

Following the column and starting on page 29, is the first of the interviews with me – this essentially fills out my column with an in-depth discussion and explanation of what it is I do, as well as my motivations and influences. The second interview was conducted by Morgen Bailey for her Writing Blog and goes into similar depth concerning Spectral Press and the processes involved in choosing stories, editing and preparing for publication. The interview can be found here.

Finally, for today at least, is some excellent news: award-winning author Robert Shearman will be writing a chapbook tale for Spectral, which is provisionally slated for a March 2014 publication date. Look out for more details over the coming months!

Anyway, that’s it for now – I need to gather my thoughts regarding FantasyCon 2011, so look for a full convention report here within the next few days.