Letter from New Orleans: a Spectral review

Spectral Press logoAlmost as if to reinforce the point I made yesterday about the Spectral imprint having something of an international reach comes this mini-retrospective review, from Ann Giardina Magee of the famed capital of the Mardi Gras, New Orleans, Louisiana, and posted to her Booze and Books blog. The review takes a look at not just the last three chapbooks published but Spectral Press itself. Even in this age of the internet and instant global communication, it still gives us a warming frisson to know that Spectral books are being read by people from all over the world and, what’s more, appreciating what we’re doing. Even better, that they think highly enough of them that these readers go on to do things like blog about what they think of the books, as Ann has done. Many thanks to her indeed for taking the time out to write this – you can read what Ann had to say by clicking here.


Just a short update to let you all know that the limited hardback of this novella by Gary Fry is being printed and bound – copies should be available early next month as scheduled. Purchasers will get their copies very shortly afterwards.