Spectral Christmas E-card

We here at Chateau Spectrale (all two of us…) would like to wish all authors, contributors, collaborators, artists, customers, and sentient beings across the multiverses, past, present, and future, the very highest blessings for the holiday season and beyond into 2015. We can guarantee that next year is going to be crazy (in the best way, of course)… stay tuned!

A new year, a new review and an accolade

HAPPY NEW YEAR!! We here at Spectral hope that 2012 is everything you wish it it to be!!

Spectral has a lot to look forward to this year – in March, the launch of the first in the series of 10 audio-CDs of Lovecraft stories (along with those by modern masters of Lovecraftian fiction) set to music, Musiks & Mythos, to be released at the rate of a double-CD once every four months. Also, we’re hoping to launch the first of the Spectral Visions line of novellas (more news to follow very soon!) and then, in December, the very first in the Christmas Ghost Story annuals – reviving a very popular Victorian/Edwardian tradition!

More details to follow – keep checking this blog regularly! So, as the saying goes, hold onto your hats!!


And so, to start the new year off properly, here’s the first chapbook review of 2012 – this one’s from Morpheus Tales Review Supplement #15, and written by Stanley Riiks:

The Spectral Press chapbooks are very nicely produced, single-story, limited editions. Some sell out before they are even released, which is a shame because stories like this deserve to be read.

Finch’s story is set during a devastating plague in 1348. The Black Death is ravaging the country, dead bodies are piled everywhere, the stench of death violates the air. Rodric, a chancer and opportunist, finds a way to make the most of the scraps, rifling through dead bodies to collect coins and jewels. But his encounter with a young boy will change his life forever…

Previous stories from Spectral Press have been heavy on atmosphere, and this book is no different, despite being a bit more visceral than the others, which I really like. Dead bodies, pus and guts, bring it on!

The same quality and attention to detail is prevalent, and Finch’s expertise in his story telling gives such an authenticity to the proceedings, you can practically feel the thick stench of death in the air while you read.

Spectral Press has done it again, producing yet another well-crafted story in a very nice package. Spectral is one to watch, one of the crowning glories of the British small press. (My italics)

My thanks to Stanley and to Morpheus Tales for the review and the support! You can download the rest of the issue, which includes interviews with Andy Remic and Mark Morris, as well as the usual mix of reviews and columns, from


In the same issue of Morpheus Tales Review Supplement came a bit of a surprise – Spectral was awarded the Stanley Riiks Awards 2011 Small Press Award for Brilliance. What a fantastic way to start 2012!!

But, like I keep saying, this is just the beginning and so ONWARDS AND UPWARDS!!