Darker Terrors: paperback preorders

'Into the Fire' by Les Edwards ©2014

‘Into the Fire’ by Les Edwards ©2014

Those of you with keen eyesight and fast reflexes will have noticed a slight title change for this book: from Darkest Terrors to Darker Terrors. Why? Simple: should this one prove popular then it gives us room for manoeuvre to bring out a companion volume. In the meantime, you can now pre-order the paperback edition of this fine anthology, which will feature stories from Neil Gaiman, Harlan Ellison, Ray Bradbury, Dennis Etchison, Poppy Z. Brite, and Michael Marshall Smith, amongst many others.

The limited hardback is still available too, and you can preorder that one below as well. This one will be signed by Stephen Jones and David A. Sutton (editors), and Les Edwards (cover artist). Both editions will feature an index to ALL the stories published in the six volumes of Dark Terrors. Both editions will be published at Halloween this year. 


Darkest Terrors: pre-orders

'Into the Fire' by Les Edwards ©2014

‘Into the Fire’ by Les Edwards ©2014

We are so looking forward to seeing this volume in print – it has such an incredible ToC, the kind every publisher dreams of. Apart from the authors listed below, the book will also feature a new introduction by Stephen Jones and an Afterword from David A. Sutton, the editors of the volume, and will be rounded off with an index of stories and authors featured in all the original Gollancz Dark Terrors series. It will be available in two formats: limited hardback with cloth and foiled stamped covers wrapped in a dustjacket featuring that absolutely gorgeous painting by Led Edwards shown above; and a paperback edition. It will be published at Halloween 2015, but you can secure a copy of the limited hardback now if you so wish so you don’t miss out – edition size will be 100 signed and numbered copies only.

Michael Marshall Smith
Karl Edward Wagner
Brian Lumley
Caitlín R. Kiernan
Harlan Ellison
Ray Bradbury
Poppy Z. Brite
Neil Gaiman
Stephen Baxter
Dennis Etchison
Lisa Tuttle
Christopher Fowler
Richard Christian Matheson
Gwyneth Jones
Ramsey Campbell
Glen Hirschberg
Donald Tumasonis

All prices include postage and packing.



$60US & RoW

Look forward to hearing from you!

Announcement: Darkest Terrors book

'Into the Fire' by Les Edwards ©2014

‘Into the Fire’ by Les Edwards ©2014

It is with immense pleasure that we can announce that Darkest Terrors: A Best of Dark Terrors volume, edited by the esteemed Stephen Jones (The Mammoth Book of Best New Horror) and David A.Sutton, will be published by Spectral Press next year at Halloween. It will feature some of the best stories published in the Dark Terrors series of anthologies published in the late nineties/early noughties -the Table of Contents won’t be finalised for some time to come, but work has already started on putting together a stunning line-up. In the meantime, we secured an absolutely amazing piece of wraparound artwork by Les Edwards (reproduced above) for the cover. It’s called ‘Into the Fire’ and is one of his latest pieces.

Further announcements will be made as soon as the line-up has been established – so please keep checking back over the next few months to stay abreast of developments.