Competition time!! News!!

Yes indeed, it’s competition time over on the Read Horror website and what a competition it is too!! Spectral has teamed up with this great magazine to bring you an absolute stonker of a short story writing contest, with prizes to match, to wit:

“The grand prize is a lifetime’s subscription to every single publication put out by Spectral Press from 2012 onwards, as well as getting the story published in a future anthology or chapbook! Second prize is a year’s subscription (four issues) of the acclaimed Spectral chapbooks (from Volume V on), with the third prize winner receiving one future publication of their choice! Any ephemera, like bookmarks, postcards and posters, will also be included in each of the winner’s prizes if available, etc.”

So, what do you have to do to win this exciting booty? Well, first you’ll have to hop on over to the Read Horror website, read through the competition blurb and rules, and then get your thinking caps on! This’ll be your chance to show Spectral publisher/editor Simon Marshall-Jones and Read Horror editor Michael Wilson your short story-writing prowess. It’ll be your chance to get published and read by people! What better incentive is that?


Today marks the first anniversary of this Spectral Press website/blog – it’s hard to believe that it was just over a year that the imprint was first conceived and that less than two months later it became an actual reality (and here’s a link to the first ever blog entry written on the site). Paul Finch’s King Death will round off Spectral’s first complete publishing year very nicely, and Simon Kurt Unsworth’s Rough Music will be the 1st anniversary issue, so to speak.

I would like to take this opportunity to thank everybody who has helped make Spectral the success it has become – all the authors, subscribers, readers and reviewers, especially to those people who took what I was attempting to do entirely on trust. In particular, however, I want to extend gratitude to Neil Williams, who is entirely responsible for the look and layout of Spectral (including the creation of some stunning and atmospheric covers) and also to Mark West who, as well as being a great writer, has been something of a dab hand at producing some excellent video book trailers for the imprint. Without all these factors, Spectral Press wouldn’t have achieved anything like the amount it has in the short time it has been in existence.

Next year, I have some plans to expand the imprint, with the introduction of a new line of limited hardback novellas, to be given the umbrella title of ‘Spectral Visions‘. I am hoping to make an announcement about the first in the line within the next couple of months, as well as provide more details about the novellas themselves. From the imprint’s perspective, it’s the logical next step to take. Here at Spectral Towers I hope that you will come along and join us as the imprint grows and expands!

New titles added

Some of the sharper-eyed readers of this website may have noticed, in the top right-hand corner of the front page here, that I have added two more titles to the chapbook line.They will be published (tentatively) in the first half of 2013 (but these things are always subject to change). The titles are:

Spectral Volume IX – Cold Havens by Simon Bestwick

Spectral Volume X – Soul Masque by Terry Grimwood

Terry’s will follow the normal single short story format, but Simon’s will offer a first for Spectral – it’ll contain TWO shorter stories, Comfort Your Dead and The Climb, but they’re no less chilling for all that. Further information will become available as time goes on, so please keep checking back.

Yes, I know that their release dates are 18 months away, but it won’t be all that long before Spectral is celebrating its first birthday. Cate Gardner’s Nowhere Hall is in the process of being prepared for publication (due to be printed early next month), and then a month after that I’ll be starting work on Paul Finch’s chapbook, which will round off the first year of Spectral’s career. And that’s just the start of even greater things for the imprint.

Indeed, Spectral’s first year is speeding by very quickly, and it has brought with it not just the imprint, but other things that have arrived in the wake of its unexpected (but very gratefully received) success. I would like to mark that first anniversary in some way, perhaps a competition of some kind, so I’ll put my thinking head on and see what I can come up with. However, please feel free to suggest something yourselves – either leave a comment here or send an email to me at spectralpress[AT]gmail[DOT]com. Whatever transpires, I think it’s always worth celebrating a minor success!! =)

More soon!