A trio of Whitstable reviews – 01:07:2013

Whitstable cover image

Today, we have not ONE, not TWO, but THREE reviews of Spectral’s most successful book to date, Stephen Volk’s Whitstable. So, without further messing about, let us tell you all about them.

First is a write-up from Gary Fry who, you will remember, wrote the very first Spectral Visions novella last year, The Respectable Face of Tyranny (which is up for a British Fantasy Award later this year). You can find his assessment on his website, which you can find right here.

Next, we have one from Sci-Fi Bulletin from the pen of Paul Simpson – that one you can find here.

Finally, we have a couple of pull quotes from a review written by Sean Hogan which appears in what is probably the most popular horror magazine of all time – Fangoria.

“Using a real person as a fictional protagonist, especially one as beloved and respected as Cushing, can often be a hazardous proposition, but Whitstable‘s delicate sketching of the actor would be admirable enough in a purely invented creation. As a portrait of the actual man, it is both empathetic and touching.”

“[W]hile the novella is undeniably elegiac, it is also a beautifully observed, heartfelt tribute to a genre icon… Any fan of Cushing or fine, humane writing should purchase it.”

And, just to make it easier to do as Sean says, you can find purchase links to Amazon below.







More soon!