A Public Service Rant… er, I mean… Announcement!

So, we were caught by surprise yesterday with the weather, or at least I was. The BBC forecast clearly said that there would be a light snow shower around 3pm and that it would stop within three hours. So what did we get? A very light snow shower that started at around 11am and which went on for about five minutes, then stopped. Only to start again very shortly after and not stop until 8pm. Yup, nine hours of snow falling from the sky – haven’t seen anything like it since my 70s childhood in Wales. And, judging by what a few meteorologists have intimated, this winter is going to be harsher than the 1962-63 one, which my dad was always fond of telling me about – I was born in ’63 in the middle of a snowstorm, apparently – which, according to my own twisted sense of logic, is why I prefer winter to summer. And yes, I’m sticking to that.

Anyway, I digress. Why am I writing this particular blog (apart from the therapeutic value of a rant, however mild) and wittering on about the weather? What does it have to do with Spectral Press? Well, it means, given the backlog that The Royal Mail currently seems to have amassed, that the signature sheets that have been/will be sent by Gary McMahon for the first chapbook will be delayed. Which inevitably means that the book won’t be collated this week as planned – and said printers will be closed until the 3rd January. Rest assured, however, that the chapbook will be available in the first month of 2011 (come what may) and that all subscriber copies will be sent out practically the minute they arrive here at Marshall-Jones Mansions. I even have the envelopes all written out ready. These really are circumstances frustratingly out of my control and yes, it’s bloody annoying.

But, I’ll end on a lighter note (this is where the light-hearted, human interest stories would go in a broadcast news bulletin – see? I do pay attention…). I popped into the printers a few days ago to check to see whether the covers had been printed – and yes, they had been, and to further erode a worn-out phrase, they blew me away. The quality is something that exceeds even my expectations and really enhance the graphics work of Neil Williams, who designed them. Combined with Gary’s superb story, it really IS a thing of beauty, even if I say so myself – I have high hopes for Spectral, but only time will tell. Roll on the New Year!!