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"Leytonstone" ©Stephen Volk/Spectral Press 2014. Artwork ©Ben Baldwin 2014

“Leytonstone” ©Stephen Volk/Spectral Press 2014. Artwork ©Ben Baldwin 2014

Anne Billson, film blogger for The Telegraph newspaper, writer, photographer, and appreciator of fine Belgian beers, has this to say about Stephen Volk’s masterful follow-up to his critically-acclaimed Spectral novella Whitstable:

“I am still processing LEYTONSTONE. Wow, what an amazing read. Incredibly evocative of another time and place, also quite weird, sad and VERY scary. Stephen Volk might well have got to the heart of the man, and the fact I enjoy Hitchcock’s film-making and want so badly to like the person who made them makes it all the more unsettling. A tremendous balancing act, and, for me, a real horror story about the dark side of human nature. Bravo!”

Don’t just take Anne’s word for it, why not find out for yourself by preordering your copy today – the book will be available in March.


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