Chapbook Subscriptions – new rates

Spectral Press logoFor the last eighteen months we here at Spectral have held the current subscription rate at present levels, in spite of the ever-encroaching plans of Royal Mail to take bigger chunks out of our profit margins. Unfortunately, there comes a point where it can no longer be sustained and remain profitable. So, it is with some regret that, from issue 12, we have had raise  the subscription rates across the board, but we have attempted to keep the rise to the minimum. Many apologies for having to so this, but it is necessary in the light of economic circumstance outside of our control.

However, you will still get four fantastic issues a year delivered to your door, wherever you live in the world, packed protectively: upcoming issues include Robert Shearman, Lisa Hannett, Simon Bestwick and Stephen Bacon. All the same production values for which Spectral has become famous will still be there too, including the excellent artwork of Neil Williams gracing the covers. Despite the rise in costs, it will still represent the best value for money for the level of quality.

Prices quoted are for 1 (ONE) year and include p+p – 3 and 5 year subscription prices forthcoming.


UK £20

EU £28

US & RoW $55

Once again please note that these postage prices are out of our control – many thanks for your patience!

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