Home and Hearth by Angela Slatter: they’re here!

Angela Slatter's chapbook at Chateau Spectrale

Angela Slatter’s chapbook at Chateau Spectrale

As you can see above, the latest Spectral chapbook, Home and Hearth by award-winning Australian writer Angala Slatter, has now been delivered – dispatch to subscribers and others will begin within the next few days! There are still about ten copies left, email us on spectralpress[AT]gmail[DOT]com to secure your copy now!

Caroline’s son returns to home and hearth at last. She’s a good parent or so she tells herself. She did everything a mother could to bring Simon back, even lied for him. The only problem is that Caroline’s not sure actually wants him here anymore.

Has Simon changed? Or is he still a danger? And does it matter now that the shadows are beginning to stir in the empty rooms of Caroline’s house?


We have been informed that, provisionally at least, the reprinted Unsigned HBs of The Christmas Ghost Stories of Lawrence Gordon Clark will be here with us on Friday, 11th April. Deliveries of replacement copies will begin shortly afterwards.

May we extend our appreciation to our customers for their patience! Many thanks.



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