News 03:02:2014

Black Mountian Cover 2 (1)

For those of you regulars who read the opening chapter of Simon Bestwick’s Black Mountain serial (The Red Key) on this blog in December (which you can find here), you will be pleased to now that the second episode, The Ghosts of Hafan Deg, is now available from Amazon UK and US (see cover above). The serial is being posted monthly and is in eleven parts, the last chapter to be uploaded for Halloween 2014. Here’s the back cover blurb for the overall story:

There’s a place, out in North Wales, where things have happened. Bad things, strange things. Dark things. At the heart of it there’s a mountain, and they call it Mynydd Du: Black Mountain.

A long time ago, I knew a guy called Rob Markland. He was a writer. He was, I suppose, a friend. Last year, I met him again; he was a patient in a psychiatric ward.

The doctors wanted me to help them find out what had happened. I found a file of Rob’s notes. It was about Mynydd Du and what surrounded it. I read it, and I found out about Maes Carnedd and Capel Teg, Britt Nordenstam and Russell Ware. And much, much more.

And if I was really unlucky, I’d find out what drove Rob Markland insane.

Now it’s time to tell the tale. So turn the page. The dancers in the pines are waiting for you… on Black Mountain.

Spectral will also be publishing Simon’s Christmas-themed chapbook The Judgement Call in December, making this the year of the Bestwick.


The new office at Chateau Spectrale has now been organised and so all orders owing will be dispatched from this week onwards. We here at Spectral apologise most profoundly for the inordinate delay to customers’ purchases – the house move didn’t go as smoothly as planned plus there have been a few bouts of illness but we have now got to grips with everything and packages will be winging their way to their destinations from today.


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