The Christmas Ghost Stories of Lawrence Gordon Clark: preorder.

So, here we are at last, you can finally preorder this definitive account of Lawrence Gordon Clark’s involvement with filming the adaptations of  M. R. James’ stories for the BBC’s A Ghost Story for Christmas series of dramas, broadcast in the 1970s. You will find all the details below, as well as Paypal buttons for purchasing. If you would like to pay either by cheque or bank transfer, then please contact us directly on spectralpress[AT]gmail[DOT]com for details. Postage is included in the stated prices.

Once again, we apologise for the excessive postage prices – this is entirely out of our control.

Robert Hardy in "The Stalls of Barchester", directed by Lawrence Gordon Clark

Robert Hardy in “The Stalls of Barchester”, directed by Lawrence Gordon Clark

Between 1971 and 1978, during the Christmas holiday period, the BBC broadcast a series of dramas under the umbrella title of A Ghost Story for Christmas, most based on stories by M. R. James and all directed by Lawrence Gordon Clark. This December, Spectral Press will be publishing its first hybrid/non-fiction book, The Christmas Ghost Stories of Lawrence Gordon Clark, in celebration of those classic short films. It will be edited and introduced by Tony Earnshaw, author of the highly regarded Beating the Devil – The Making of Night of the Demon; feature a Foreword by none other than Mark Gatiss (The League of GentlemenSherlockFirst Men in the Moon, the forthcoming The Tractate Middoth); plus all the M. R. James tales from which the dramas were adapted, each prefaced by a new introduction by Clark himself. Additionally, there will also be a reprint of an unfilmed “Count Magnus” script by Basil Copper, as well as other material including unpublished behind-the-scenes photographs.


Foreword by MARK GATISS

Introduction by TONY EARNSHAW

Seven short stories by M. R. JAMESThe Stalls of Barchester CathedralThe Treasure of Abbot ThomasA Warning to the CuriousThe Ash TreeLost HeartsCasting the RunesCount Magnus

Exclusive new introductions to each story by LAWRENCE GORDON CLARK

Count Magnus teleplay by BASIL COPPER

Lost Hearts short stage play by LAWRENCE GORDON CLARK



It will be available in three editions: LIMITED SIGNED SLIPCASED HARDBACK (£75 – 50 only), LIMITED UNSIGNED HARDBACK (£35 – 100 only) and UNLIMITED PAPERBACK (£20). Postage will be extra. Only the highest production values will go into the making of this book— there will be NO eBook of this as we think that only physical books will work best for the nature of the material.

This will be a definitive volume – the last word on Lawrence Gordon Clark’s career in ground-breaking supernatural television.


£85 UK

£87 EU

$145 US


£45 UK

£47 EU

$80 US


£17.50 UK

£19.50 EU

$30 US

Looking forward to hearing from you!

2 comments on “The Christmas Ghost Stories of Lawrence Gordon Clark: preorder.

  1. Hi Simon, thanks for the Lawrence Gordon Clarkordering info. I have just ordered the signed edition but would very much like to know the other differences between the signed and unsigned hardcover editions. Does the unsigned hardcover have a dust jacket while the signed slipcased edition does not? Does the unsigned have any graphics, illustrations etc not present in the signed slipcased edition?

    Thanks, Rodney

    • Hello Rodney

      Many thanks for your order!

      There WILL be differences between each of the hardback editions – we’re finalising details right now as to graphics/picture content. We;ll keep you updated!


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