The Christmas Ghost Stories of Lawrence Gordon Clark: an update

The Ash Tree, © 2013 Lawrence Gordon Clark

The Ash Tree, © 2013 Lawrence Gordon Clark

This update on the forthcoming book on Lawrence Gordon Clark’s series of dramas A Ghost Story for Christmas, broadcast during the seventies on the BBC, brings some exciting news. If any of you remember that we had yet to announce who was going to write the Foreword to the book well, now we can actually make that announcement – ladies and gentlemen, it is our great pleasure to be able to say that MARK GATISS (A History of HorrorSherlock, The First Men in the Moon, League of Gentlemen) will be writing it.  Mark has said on many an occasion that Clark’s dramas were something of an influence on his own work, so we think it is fitting that he should complete this definitive book on Clark’s connection with M. R. James by penning the Foreword.

The cover image we envisage using on the unsigned hardback and paperback edition is reproduced above.

This is the list of prospective contents:

Foreword by Mark Gatiss
Introduction by Tony Earnshaw
Seven short stories by M. R. James: The Stalls of Barchester Cathedral, The Treasure of Abbot ThomasWarning to the CuriousThe Ash TreeLost HeartsCasting the RunesCount Magnus
Seven brief introductions by Lawrence Gordon Clark
Count Magnus script by Basil Copper
Lost Hearts short play by Lawrence Gordon Clark
Filmography, awards, bibliography of Lawrence Gordon Clark by Tony Earnshaw
Q&A with Lawrence Gordon Clark by Tony Earnshaw

It is envisaged that it will be available in three editions: limited signed slipcased hardback (£75 – 50 only), limited unsigned hardback (£35 – 100 only) and unlimited paperback (£20). Only the highest production values will go into the making of this book – there will also be NO eBook of this as we think that that physical books will work best for the nature of the material. Pre-orders will start mid-October for each of the editions on offer. Some have already begun reserving their copies – if anyone wishes to do so, please contact Spectral at spectralpress[AT]gmail[DOT]com as soon as possible.

This is going to be a very special book.

2 comments on “The Christmas Ghost Stories of Lawrence Gordon Clark: an update

  1. Hi Simon, thanks very much the update, I’ve already reserved a copy of the signed edition. Just wondered if the excellent and striking image will be used somehow on this edition. I can recall instances in the past where I’ve bought expensive ltd slip-cased editions but they have been plain and dull, lacked the attractive jackets or pictorial covers supplied with the less expensive editions! I remember Andy Richards of Cold Tonnage helping with this by adding a jacket to the expensive editions!

    All the best, Rodney O’Connor

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