Whitstable: latest review and launch


The latest review of Stephen Volk’s Whitstable has just winged its way in through our email inbox, and it’s from the venerable SFX  magazine. Even better than that, however, is that the reviewer, Ian Berriman, liked it so much he gave it FIVE stars: in fact, it’s the ONLY five star review in the book section this issue, even beating Neil Gaiman. The last paragraph sums the book up nicely:

“Although Whitstable never enters supernatural territory, it’s a moving tale which should delight any admirers of the late actor – and one which is crying out to be adapted into a biodrama. How about it, BBC Four?”

We would wholeheartedly agree with the last-mention part – it would make a brilliant televisual presentation, and everyone here at Spectral Towers hopes fervently that it does get adapted for the screen.

DF Lewis, of Weirdmonger fame, has started a real-time review of the book on his blog – you can find that here.

Whitstable cover image

Talking of Whitstable, tomorrow evening sees the official launch of the novella at the Whitstable Museum, Whitstable, Kent. We have been reliably informed that the event has sold out, which pleases us no end – so, if any of you are heading down to the Kent coast this weekend to attend, we’ll see you there!

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