New review – 17:04:2013

Creakers front cover by Neil Williams

Today is something of a quiet day here in Spectral Towers, and so here’s a quick link to a new review of Paul Kane’s Creakers – this one’s by Mark West and has been posted to Goodreads. As some of you may remember, Mark is the man responsible for the video book trailers for Spectral. Anyway, enjoy what he has to say about the latest in the chapbook line – you can access it here!

There are still copies left of this, but in very limited supply (fewer than 12 copies) – you can buy them individually at  £4UK/£7.00EU/$16US/$16RoW OR, even better, take out a subscription to the quarterly chapbooks, which will cost you £16UK/£23.50EU /$45US/ $45US RoW  for a year’s worth of issues (4 chapbooks). Visit the Spectral Shop for ordering details!

More reviews soon!

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