New reviews – 02:04:2013

Here, in the environs of Spectral Towers at least, spring has deigned to show its sunny, if somewhat chilly, face at last. And, just to add to the feelgood factor, here we have two new reviews to let you know about.

Whitstable cover image

First is Geoff Nelder’s assessment of Stephen Volk’s Whitstable novella, posted to various sites including his own Science42Fiction website – the write-up can be found right here.

(Copies are still available of the limited signed and numbered hardback – just pop over to the Spectral shop to order your copy today, but hurry though, they;re going fast and there aren’t that many left.)

Creakers front cover by Neil Williams

Secondly, we have a review of Paul Kane’s Creakers, the latest in Spectral Press’ quarterly series of chapbooks. This one’s courtesy of the ever-reliable Walt Hicks, and can be seen on his Hellbound Times genre review blog – go here to read what the man said.

(Copies are available of this too – but, just like Whitstable, there aren’t many left, fewer than fifteen in fact.)

More news and reviews soon!

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