News 11:03:2013 – Spectral Boundaries

Spectral Press logoSpectral Boundaries will be a new sub-imprint from Spectral Press, to be launched in either 2014 or 2015. Formats, frequency of publication and other details have yet to be decided, but it is envisaged that the imprint will cover those genres not normally associated with Spectral, in other words it will publish works in the science fiction, contemporary fantasy, magical realism categories and even ‘literary’ instantiations of the same. However, we here at Spectral don’t just want the same old same old: what we’ll be looking for are those works which push boundaries, stretch genre definitions, stories which surprise, amaze and provoke thought. We want science fiction full of philosophical or political speculation, if that’s your bent, or thrillers with existentialist angst assailing both heroes and villains. We want contemporary fantasy that could be based on a social critique of the writer’s current milieu. We want magical realism that induces awe both wondrous and terrible in the reader, or even steampunk which gets away from the familiar tropes of the genre. A writer, if they so wished, could invent a completely new genre or twist an existing one out of all recognition, to present us with something that will take people’s collective breaths away. We want funny, serious, explosive and everything in between. Our aim is to push both writers and readers and, as grandiose as it may appear, to lift these respective genres onto a new level. Think Philip K. Dick, Umberto Eco, William Burroughs, or even Robert Anton Wilson.

If you are a writer and have an idea that you feel may fit, please email a PITCH (NO finished manuscripts please!) to spectralpress[AT]gmail[DOT]com. We will welcome pitches from all, but the single criterion that we will be judging ideas on will be that admittedly intangible WOW factor.

We are waiting… =)


Whitstable cover image

Uncorrected proof review PDF copies of this much anticipated novella are on their way to reviewers/journalists/book bloggers. If there are any interested parties out there who would like a copy, then please contact us on spectralpress[AT]gmail[DOT]com, telling us who you write for. Serious enquiries only please.

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