Spectral chapbook slipcases

Spectral Press logoAs a special service to our readers and subscribers, we are now offering a way to keep those precious issues of the chapbooks pristine – with the new Spectral chapbook slipcases. Each one of these sturdy artefacts will hold eight A5 size chapbooks, will be covered in black Wibalin buckram cloth and have the Spectral ‘ghost’ logo silver foil stamped on the spine. Not only will they keep each ‘volume’ of the chapbooks intact they will look absolutely superb on the bookshelf.

You can order your slipcases now, however they won’t ready for about four weeks or so. As soon as they reach here they will be despatched. All prices below incude postage and packing.

£11 UK

£19 (two slipcases) UK

£15 EU

£27 (two slipcases) EU

$29 US and RoW

$52 (two slipcases) US and RoW

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