Christmas Ghost Story Annual: an update

Spectral Press logoJust a tiny update for all those who submitted to Spectral’s first annual Christmas Ghost Story anthology and are awaiting responses – due to an encounter with kidney stones, in which Spectral’s editor came off quite the worse for wear, as well as having to get ourselves prepared for FantasyCon coming up at the end of next month, reading all the submissions has been delayed somewhat. However, the process has now started and the book will be out on time, so responses will start to be sent out very soon.

Apologies for any inconvenience caused!

The Nine Deaths of Dr. Valentine: the final cover!

The Nine Deaths of Dr. Valentine cover image

“The Nine Deaths of Dr. Valentine” by John L. Probert © 2012 John L. Probert/Spectral Press. Cover image by JD Busch © 2012. Graphics by Neil Williams © 2012.

So, feast your eyes on the graphic gorgeosity of the cover to the limited hardback of John L. Probert’s Spectral Visions novella above (is gorgeosity a real word?Well, if it isn’t, we don’t care, because it fits absolutely perfectly with what we think of the image…), courtesy of the brilliant JD Busch with graphics and type by the immensely talented Neil Williams. We here at Spectral Towers would like to publicly record our thanks to JD and Neil for the fabulous effort – the finished article will look stunning!

The paperback will be on its way very soon – just one or two little details to attend to and it’ll also be unleashed into the wild at FantasyCon in Brighton next month. Keep watching this blog for details of how to purchase a copy soon  – alternatively, if you would like to reserve one, then please let us know by emailing us at spectral[ress[AT]gmail[DOT]com as soon as possible.

Onwards and upwards!

Subscriptions: get yours now!

Spectral LogoMany of our regular subscribers will soon be receiving their last issue of their current subsciption run, and so we encourage them to resubscribe as soon as possible. But we also very much welcome new subscribers as well so, in our latest campaign drive, we would like to offer all NEW subscribers to the critically-acclaimed chapbook series a ‘Five issues for the price of Four’ deal. That’s right, for the price of four issues (£16UK/£23.50EU /$45US/ $45US RoW) you will receive an extra issue FREE. To take advantage of this offer, please use the Paypal buttons down the right-hand side of this site.

NOTE: all subscriptions will start from Volume VIII (The Way of the Leaves by David Tallerman – December 2012), as Volume VII has sold out already!

Look forward to hearing from you!

The Nine Deaths of Dr. Valentine: the first reviews

The Nine Deaths of Dr. Valentine cover image

It’s that time again, when we send out review texts of another new Spectral publication and suffer sleepless nights* waiting anxiously for the write-ups to return. As you all know, the latest one is the new John Llewellyn Probert Spectral Visions novella, The Nine Deaths of Dr. Valentine, and we have been busy sending out e-versions of the text to various bloggers and magazines to see what they thought. Anyway, two reviews have already come home to roost and we’re very pleased to be able to tell you all about them.

The first one is from This is Horror,  the online horror resource (declaration: I am the fiction and reviews editor of the magazine but I did not edit this one), and was written by Dan Howarth. You can read what he he had to say here.

The second review is from the estimable Walt Hicks of Hellbound Times, who has a habit of getting reviews out almost as soon as the books are sent to him. Indeed, just a day or two after sending him the text, he sent us this review, which you can read here.

The paperback edition will be available very soon, look for news of it shortly on these pages. Spectral will be in attendance at this year’s FantasyCon, where the book will be launched, and we will be bringing paperbacks with us as well as the hardbacks.

More reviews soon!

* Slight exaggeration perhaps….

The Nine Deaths of Dr. Valentine: SOLD OUT!!

The Nine Deaths of Dr. Valentine cover image

Well, the headline to this blog entry says it all – the limited signed edition of John Llewellyn Probert’s Spectral Visions novella, The Nine Deaths of Dr. Valentine, is now sold out. The launch at FantasyCon is still going ahead, however: those who have ordered/reserved copies will be able to pick them up from there and, in addition, paperbacks will be available for purchase as well. You will also be able to get these signed, plus you will also receive a FREE poster of the cover image. Paperbacks will retail at £6 each.

Those of you not attending the convention but who would still like a copy of the paperback (the same as the hardback except with the omission of the Appendix of mini-reviews and reminiscences), please make sure to let us know by contacting us at spectralpress[AT]gmail[DOT]com and we will only be too happy to put one aside for you. Please get in touch as soon as possible because these are bound to go as fast as the hardbacks did.

Look forward to hearing from you!

Dr. Slatter sounds out Rough Music

Rough Music cover image

And so, to end this week on a high note, we have notice of the final chapbook review by Angela Slatter, our Antipodean correspondent. This one’s of Simon Kurt Unsworth’s Rough Music, and you can read the good doctor’s diagnosis here.


Meanwhile, even more news about John Llewellyn Probert’s The Nine Deaths of Dr. Valentine. As you all know, the title is due to be launched at the year’s FantasyCon, to be held in Brighton in the UK at the end of next month. Now that the limited signed hardback edition is to all intents and purposes sold out (there are still TWO copies left to be snagged, however), paperbacks will also be made available for purchase. These will be £6 each and the only difference between these and the hardback will be the omission of the Appendix. If you are not attending FantasyCon but would like a paperback copy please let us know here at Spectral Towers by emailing us on spectralpress[AT]gmail[DOT]com and we’ll reserve one for you.

Looking forward to hearing from you – onwards and upwards!

Dr. Slatter reviews The Eyes of Water

The Eyes of Water cover image

Last Friday, we told you about a review of Paul Finch’s King Death written by Australian author Angela Slatter. Well, yesterday she sent us her mini-review of the latest in the series of Spectral chapbooks, Alison Littlewood’s The Eyes of Water. You can read her blog entry on the book here.

NEWS: The Nine Deaths of Dr. Valentine

It is with great pleasure that we can announce that John L. Probert’s Spectral Visions novella is now all but sold out at Spectral Towers. There are just TWO copies left for sale, and this is before the official launch at FantasyCon at the end of next month. However, the launch is still going ahead, as Spectral will also have the paperback version for sale at the event as well. If anyone wants to clinch one of the two remaining limited signed hardback copies then we suggest you get onto it right away! Details can be found on a separate page on here, which can be accessed by clicking on the tab next to ‘HOME’ on the menu bar above.

The numbers include those who have reserved copies – so don’t worry on that score, they’re still being held for you!

Anyway, onwards and upwards!

A Horrifically Horrifying review of The Respectable Face of Tyranny

The Respectable Face of Tyranny cover image

Despite any impression the title of this blog entry may give you, this latest review of Gary Fry’s The Respectable Face of Tyranny is actually a very good one. The Horrifically Horrifying Horror Blog is the brainchild of Emma Audsley and Shaun Hamilton, and is entirely devoted to our favourite literary genre. This particular review was written by Gary Swindley, to whom many thanks – to see what he thought of this Lovecraftian tome, please click here.

Onwards and upwards!

The Eyes of Water at Dread Central

Another brilliant weekend done and dusted, and so now it’s reluctantly back to the grindstone – but at least it’s been leavened somewhat by us receiving another review of the latest chapbook, Alison Littlewood’s The Eyes of Water. The write-up was posted to the Dread Central horror blog, and was written by Pestilence – just pop over here to find out what they thought of Alison’s Mexico-set tale.


The limited signed hardback edition of John Llewellyn Probert’s The Nine Deaths of Dr. Valentine, the second entry in the Spectral Visions line, is provisionally on the point of selling out – there are just SIX copies left as I’m writing this. You can guarantee getting hold of one by clicking on the pre-order page, listed right next to ‘Home’ on the menu bar above, or contacting Spectral directly on spectralpress[AT]gmail[DOT]com as soon as possible. Yes, it’s as easy as that.

The fact that the book has practically sold out, more than a month before its official launch at this year’s FantasyCon, has prompted something of a rethink in terms of print run numbers. Just like the chapbooks, I am considering upping the numbers of Spectral Visions III (to be published in May next year) to 125, so that at the very least there’ll be the possibility of having some in stock here at Spectral Towers. This is a great position to be in, however: it means that Spectral Press’ reputation for publishing quality genre literature is still gaining ground and that people are actively seeking the books out.

Anyway, we will keep everyone informed on what isdecided. In the meantime, let’s see how fast those last remaining books will go – look forward to hearing from you.

King Death: a view from Down Under

King Death cover image

It’s always a good thing to end the week with a review, especially a good one. And so it is with the one sent to me by Australian author Angela Slatter (or should that be DR. Angela Slatter now?), purveyor of beautiful but slightly warped reinterpretations of the classic fairytale, as well as distinctly unsettling weird fiction. This particular review is of Paul Finch’s British Fantasy Award-nominated tale of medieval hubris set amidst the aftermath of plague, King Death. You can read what she wrote by going here.


Don’t forget that this Spectral Visions novella by John Llewellyn Probert is up for pre-order right now, however we suggest that you be quick about ordering one – close on three-quarters of the print run of the limited hardback have already gone. This is sure to be another sell-out, so grab your copy now! You can find ordering info by clicking the tab next to ‘Home’ on the menu bar above.

Look forward to hearing from you!