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Spectral Press logoAs some of you might have noticed, there are new subscription rates under the Paypal buttons on the right-hand side of this blog: this is entirely due to the recent (quite ridiculous, in our opinion) Royal Mail increases in postage rates. We have endeavoured to make the rise in prices as minimal as possible, but we also fervently believe that, even so, it still represents remarkable value for money. Subscribers will still receive very high quality chapbooks containing excellent stories by some of the best writers currently working in the supernatural fiction arena – that aspect of our ethos will never change. Hopefully, this will also be the last hike in prices for a long while.

The new rates are as follows:

UK: £16 1yr/£48.50 3yr/£80.50 5yr

EU: £23.50 1yr/£70 3yr/£116 5yr

US: $45 1yr/$135 3yr/$225 5yr

RoW: $45 1yr/$135 3yr/$225 5yr

Those whose subscriptions are up for renewal will also be receiving a renewal reminder and a notice about the new rates with their latest chapbook.

Onwards and upwards!

2 comments on “Subscription news

  1. Do you propose to cover the hardcover novellas also under the subscription at some stage? But perhaps postage calculations would be skewed in such cases.

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