A couple of foxy reviews

The Respectable Face of Tyranny cover image

This week ends on something of a high note (even better considering that there’s been a bout of illness at Spectral Towers), with notice of two new reviews over on Gef Fox’s Wag the Fox blog, of Gary Fry’s The Respectable Face of Tyranny and Alison Littlewood’s chapbook The Eyes of Water. It’s all part of his ‘Summer of Shorts’ season, featuring reviews and interviews posted during the month of July. We’ve been informed that an interview Gef conducted recently with Spectral’s Simon Marshall-Jones will be posted on the same site today, so please look out for that later.

In the meantime, go here to read Gef’s assessment of the two books.

More soon!

Christmas Ghost Story Annual: deadline reminder

Spectral LogoJust a very quick blogpost from us this morning, to remind everyone that the deadline for submissions for the first Christmas Ghost Story Annual (due this December) is THIS coming Saturday, 30th June. If you’re intending to submit, then you MUST get your story in by midnight GMT on Saturday night. Thank you!

Good luck to all those who will be submitting and those who already have!

Some Dark Musings on chapbooks

Eyes of Water cover image

It’s another busy week already at Spectral Towers and so, just to reassure you that we haven’t forgotten our loyal readers and customers, here’s a link to a review of a couple of chapbooks posted to Anthony Watson’s Dark Musings blog yesterday – The Eyes of Water by Alison Littlewood and This Is Horror’s inaugural chapbook in their premium range, Joe & Me by David Moody. They share something in common other than the fact that they’re chapbooks – Spectral’s Editor/Publisher Simon Marshall-Jones is also the Senior Editor on the This Is Horror books. You can read what the inestimable Mr. Watson said about them here.

These two lines complement each other nicely – TIH‘s chapbooks cover the areas of horror which Spectral doesn’t and vice versa. The David Moody mini-tome is highly recommended, a well-told story of hard choices having to be made in extraordinary circumstances. Hop on over This Is Horror to find out more and how to subscribe.

More reviews soon – onwards and upwards!

Subscription news

Spectral Press logoAs some of you might have noticed, there are new subscription rates under the Paypal buttons on the right-hand side of this blog: this is entirely due to the recent (quite ridiculous, in our opinion) Royal Mail increases in postage rates. We have endeavoured to make the rise in prices as minimal as possible, but we also fervently believe that, even so, it still represents remarkable value for money. Subscribers will still receive very high quality chapbooks containing excellent stories by some of the best writers currently working in the supernatural fiction arena – that aspect of our ethos will never change. Hopefully, this will also be the last hike in prices for a long while.

The new rates are as follows:

UK: £16 1yr/£48.50 3yr/£80.50 5yr

EU: £23.50 1yr/£70 3yr/£116 5yr

US: $45 1yr/$135 3yr/$225 5yr

RoW: $45 1yr/$135 3yr/$225 5yr

Those whose subscriptions are up for renewal will also be receiving a renewal reminder and a notice about the new rates with their latest chapbook.

Onwards and upwards!

The Eyes of Water peer out from The Black Abyss

Eyes of Water cover image

Monday morning appears to come around far too quickly these days, but at least it also appears that a new review of a Spectral publication always comes along to take the edge off it. This Monday morning is no exception: a new review of Alison Littlewood’s chapbook The Eyes of Water has been posted to Colin Leslie’s The Black Abyss website. You can read the review here.

Due to having been so busy last week, we didn’t get a chance to start sending the books out – that will be rectified this week! Apologies, and many thanks for your patience!

More reviews soon!

News 15th June 2012

Spectral Logo First off, due to circumstances beyond our control, we will have to increase our subscription rates a lot sooner than we anticipated, from Volume VIII onwards. The UK’s Royal Mail recently increased its charges quite significantly, which means that in order to continue bringing you the best in ghostly supernatural fiction from some of the best names in the business, we will have to put up the rates. We will, of course, endeavour to keep this to an absolute minimum: however, rest assured that it will still represent exceptional value for money and that the same attention to detail and quality will remain. The new prices have yet to be set, however all subscribers and those due to renew will receive notice when I send out the latest chapbooks next week. We apologise for any inconvenience, but this is unfortunately out of our control.

Meanwhile , work continues apace on John Llewellyn Probert’s The Nine Deaths of Dr. Valentine, the second Spectral Visions novella, due out in September. Editing has been completed and we’re now awaiting cover sketch ideas. Preorders should be available from the beginning of next July.

The Myth & Muziks Lovecraft audio-CD project in collaboration with Temple ov Azathoth Records is still going ahead, but has been delayed due to unforeseen circumstances, for which we apologise – as soon as we have any more news on release dates and what have you, we’ll let you know!

Onwards and upwards!

The Eyes of Water: two new reviews

Eyes of Water Cover image

The one thing we like waking up to here at Spectral Towers (apart from blue skies and sunshine, that is) is a new review popping up somewhere – but this morning was even better because we got both sunshine AND TWO new reviews. These latest write-up of Alison Littlewood’s chapbook are courtesy of two Scotsmen, Jim McLeod of the Ginger Nuts of Horror blog and pablocheesecake of The Eloquent Page. You can read Jim’s verdict here and pablo’s here.

More reviews soon!

Spectral visits The Black Abyss

Spectral Logo Just a very quick blog today, to let you know that Spectral supremo Simon Marshall-Jones was called by Grand Inquisitor Colin Leslie to answer some questions at his domicile The Black Abyss. Colin wanted to know about everything Spectral, and my association with the horror genre in general. To see what Simon had to say for himself, please go here.

The Eyes of Water: the view from Twilight Ridge

Eyes of Water cover image

It’s a miserably wet Monday morning yet again, but we here at Spectral Towers (the west wing of Marshall-Jones Mansions), are happy to tell you about a new review of the latest chapbook, Alison Littlewood’s The Eyes of Water. This one’s by Robert Morrish and appears on his Twilight Ridge blog – so, if you want to know what Mr. Morrish thought of Alison’s Yucatán-set tale, then may we humbly suggest that you pop on over to his blog by clicking here.

Talking of Alison’s chapbook, subscriber copies and promos will start to be sent out this week, but please be patient with us as it’s going to be rather busy for us what with other commissions and meetings. Nevertheless, we will endeavour to get as many out as possible – thanks for your patience!

More reviews soon!

Friday’s winner!

The Respectable Face of Tyranny cover image

Yes, today we announce the winner of the recent competition for purchasers of the paperback edition to win a signed proof-sheet of the cover to Gary Fry’s The Respectable Face of Tyranny . And that winner is….


Congratulations to Stephen – we’ll get your prize out to you very soon!


Eyes of Water cover image

Alison Littlewood’s chapbook The Eyes of Water is now ready for collection at the printers, so subscribers should expect their copies to arrive within the next couple of weeks.