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Spectral Press logoThe first item on our agenda this morning is to let you know that Mark West’s What Gets Left Behind, Volume VII in the chapbook series, is now SOLD OUT. This means that all subscriptions will now start from the issue following, David Tallerman’s The Way of the Leaves. So, if you’re keen to discover just why this exciting new imprint has made the waves it has in the genre, then may we suggest you take out a subscription immediately – it’s the only surefire way of ensuring you receive every issue Spectral publishes. You will find handy Paypal buttons down the side of this blog, along with several options for how long you can subscribe for – 1, 3 or 5 years. (If you wish to pay by either cheque or bank transfer, then please contact us at spectralpress[AT]gmail[DOT]com for more details)

Which brings us on to the next item: the possibility, which we are currently entertaining, of upping the print run of each chapbook slightly. It would only be a small increase, to something like 110 or 125 copies per issue. This is only a possibilty at present, but we think it’s an idea worthy of serious consideration nevertheless. Thoughts are most welcome on this.

Talking of increases, at some point in the near future, the subscription rates will be going up a little – this is entirely unavoidable, as the powers that be at Royal Mail have seen fit to put their rates up, sometimes quite spectacularly so. We will endeavour to keep the price hike to the absolute minimum, in order to make it as painless as possible. Watch out for further details as and when.

And, in something completely unrelated, this is Spectral’s 200th post!

Anyway, we here at Spectral would welcome any suggestions about the proposed increase in the print run of the chapbooks – please do let us know your thoughts!

6 comments on “Spectral Press news

  1. Considering how quick these sell out (rightfully so, they’re awesome) it would be helpful if those with subscriptions could get a reminder close to the expiry so we don’t miss a copy. Especially as the subscription may end in advance of the sold out issues!

    Not that I’m a completist or anything.

    The admin for this may be a bit much though I suppose.

  2. In these days, when everybody laments about vanishing niche magazines and endangered small presses, Spectral has reversed the trend rather spectacularly. Congrats Simon.

  3. Simon, if it helps to ensure that you can continue to publish such a high-quality and diverse range of chapbooks then I would welcome an increase in the print run.

    • It’s a fine balance between trying not to devalue the books by printing too many and meeting the demand that I think is there without compromising the story, the editing, the attention to detail and the maintenance of high quality…. I can’t see the chapbooks selling more than 200 books each, if that…

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