The Respectable Face of Tyranny: news

Spectral Press LogoFirst up, this is just to let all the purchasers of the limited hardback edition of Gary Fry’s The Respectable Face of Tyranny know that it is due to land within the next week or two due to slight delays caused by the Easter break and some technical issues, which have now been resolved. All purchasers will be receiving their copies directly from Gary Fry himself as, logistically speaking, it’ll be a lot easier for us to do it that way. As it stands, all purchased copies will be with buyers by the end of this month or beginning of May.


An extra bit of news: the Musicks & Mythos audio-CD series of Lovecraft and modern Lovecraftian tales, a joint Spectral/Temple ov Azathoth Records release, will definitely be available from next month. We will have some copies for sale here, but numbers will be limited – so please do let us know whether you’re interested in purchasing one . They will be 2 CD affairs in fold-out digipacks with booklet and are likely to retail for somewhere between £12 – £15 each.

The Lovecraft stories being set to music on the first in the series will be Nyarlathotep and The Music of Erich Zann, whilst the modern master of the Mythos tale will be Joe Pulver with his The Delirium of a Worm Wizard.

More details soon!

10 comments on “The Respectable Face of Tyranny: news

  1. Having checked out the Temple ov Azathoth site I’d say the ‘musick’ side of the audio-cds is very reminiscent of early Psychic TV. Not a bad thing in my opinion and just right for the genre.

    • And indeed, owlwoman, particularly appropriate for the otherworldliness of the Cthulhu cycle of stories. I have always felt that conventional forms of music (hence the use of musicks for the CD series) just couldn’t convey the cosmic strangeness inherent in Lovecraft’s fictional settings and certainly wouldn’t do them justice. I used to be involved in running a record label devoted to such underground musick just before I set up Spectral – so in essence this combining two interests of mine into one…

  2. Owlwoman: not only have I heard of Coil, but Johnn Balance used to send me Coil CDs in the early nineties when I ran Fractured magazine – I also knew Stephen Stapleton of NWW, interviewed David Tibet of C93 and wrote about many of the eraly acts of the industrial scene…

    • Excellent stuff: I’m in a bit of a minority down here with my musickal taste. I do wish I’d got in touch with Coil: had so much I could have asked them, they’re a massive influence on my writing. I’m going to Balance’s memorial in Cumbria next year, it’s something I really need to do, to pay my respects apart from other things, so a big trip is planned. Went to a Stephen Stapleton/David Tibet exhibition in London shortly before I left the capital. It was quite an experience.

      • Saw Current 93 supported by Nurse With Wound a couple of years ago in London, and what an experience that was – I wished I’d gone to the night after, however, as one of the support bands was Rameses III, whose music never fails to send shivers up and down my spine. Beautiful stuff….

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