News: Who says Monday mornings can’t be good?

Spectral Press is DEFINITELY on the up and up, as this first blog of the week will show. The editor here at Spectral Towers is currently doing a victory dance, albeit one that’s slightly arthritic. Now I can hear you all say “And why is he doing a victory dance, especially first thing on a Monday morning?” (although that could be because he hasn’t had anywhere near enough coffee yet)….

Although I was told just over a week ago, I can officially announce that Paul Finch’s King Death is going to be reprinted in Prime Books’ Year’s Best Dark Fantasy & Horror: 2012, edited by Paula Guran. And what great writers will be keeping Paul company – Gene Wolfe, Tanith Lee, Tim Powers, Joe R. Lansdale, Charles de Lint, and Lisa Tuttle, as well as future Spectral chapbook author Angela Slatter. This is the best news that a new independent press could possibly hope for, and shows that Spectral isboth on the right track and has a great future ahead of it!

You can see the full Table of Contents list here.

In similar news, Ellen Datlow will also be “writing extensively about Spectral’s debut” (quoting the revered editor herself) in her summary for Best Horror of the Year Volume 4, due out in May, I believe. Yet another indication that Spectral is going places…

Onwards and upwards!! =)

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