Subscriptions: new 2012 rates

Sharp-eyed regulars of this blog will have noticed that subscription prices have changed: unfortunately, this is due to several factors, not least of which is covering postage costs and also admin costs (including Paypal fees), as well as attempting to put Spectral on a more competitive and professional footing, plus ploughing back any profits into future projects. I have been reluctant to do this, but Spectral (and me) has to pay its way. As you will notice, the new rates are as follows:


However, please be assured that the same attention to detail and quality will prevail as normal, if not be improved upon if possible. Spectral is still very much small, independent press right now, but my ambition is to take it as far as its potential will allow it go and then to take it even further. These increases are unavoidable, but I hope you will agree, both present and future subscribers, that even though I have had to raise prices to a more realistic level, that it still represents exceptionally good value for money.

EDIT: This does NOT affect current subscribers unless renewing! 

Coming soon, too, will be options to subscribe for 3, 5 and 10 years – and eligibility for discounts on future publications (other than the chapbooks) from Spectral if subscribers opt for for one of these extended subscription rates. Keep checking back to this blog regularly for news on that!

Onwards and upwards!!

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