Season’s Greetings from Spectral!!

So, here we are yet again, at midwinter’s turn of the year, where light returns slowly but surely to lengthen the days and bring renewal to life in all its myriad glories. Or the season of drinking, eating and spending too much, depending on your point of view (although that won’t be happening at Spectral Towers this year – it’s going to be a nice, quiet and reflective one). It’s been a fabulous first year, exceeding all expectations, and next year is looking set to be even better – as I’ve hinted many a time, plans are being set in motion for the expansion of the imprint.

Spectral would like to wish all its customers, past, present and future, the very best that this Yule season brings and that peace and fulfillment will be yours in the year ahead!!

Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year and see you all in 2012!!

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