Simon Kurt Unsworth’s Rough Music: a teaser…

“‘Rough music: (- n) a loud cacophony created with tin pans, drums, etc,; the cacophonous ringing of bells, hooting, blowing bull’s horns, the banging of frying pans, saucepans, kettles, or other kitchen or barn implements with the intention of creating long-lasting embarrassment.’

Sometimes, the sounds we hear in the dark have resonances that we cannot foresee…”

And so sayeth the mysterious back-cover blurb of Simon’s Spectral chapbook, Rough Music, Spectral Press’ first anniversary issue. It’s due to be published in March 2012 , but even so,  IT’S ALREADY SOLD OUT!  Sorry, folks!

To prevent disappointment, the best idea would be to take out a subscription, which will ensure that you’ll receive ALL the 2012 issues, sent directly to your door. There are Paypal buttons down the right-hand side of this website for subscription ordering convenience.

Coming soon: Rough Music cover art and video trailer…

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