Spectral chapbooks: the future

This week, much of my time (apart from preparing Paul Finch’s King Death for publication) has been spent in pondering the future direction of the Spectral chapbook editions. I mooted some ideas in the two previous blogposts on how I should proceed regarding edition numbers ie, should I keep them as they are or should I increase them? I asked for feedback from subscribers, readers and others as to what they would like to see – many did contact me, and gave me a good deal to think about.

And so, I’ve come to a decision: the numbers will remain as they are currently, in other words, the edition of 100 limited signed and numbered copies will stand as is. However, every two (or maybe three) years there will be a ‘collected’ edition with all the stories in it PLUS, I hope, some new content as well from the authors featured. This will take the form of a paperback and e-book, at least that’s the plan at the moment. The usual quality and production values people have come to expect from Spectral will be in evidence, of course, no question of it being otherwise. I am looking at publishing the very first of these ‘annuals’ in the summer of 2013 or thereabouts…

As always, feedback is always welcome (in fact, it’s positively encouraged), either here, or on the Spectral Facebook page or directly to me at spectralpress[AT]gmail[DOT]com. Any thoughts on this, or other ideas, would be gratefully received – plus, you can always subscribe to a year’s worth of chapbooks at the same time if you feel so inclined, as it’s the one way to guarantee that you’ll get copies of each and every one of them… =)

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