Another Spectral chapbook option…

Yesterday, I discussed three options with regard to expanding (or not) the print numbers of the limited signed and numbered chapbook runs (see previous blog). There is actually one further option I neglected to mention, which is:

4) Keep the print run as is (ie. 100 copies only) but, every two years, produce an unlimited collected paperback and e-book version. As an added incentive I am looking to include new stories from some of the authors if they’re willing to contribute one.

Option #3 was the one that garnered most favour with those who sent me feedback, which was a route that I was considering myself. However, one correspondent raised the question, with regards to e-book versions, of piracy and the uploading of them onto torrent sites, which is an ever-present threat in our electronically-connected world. I realise that it’s almost inevitable that this will happen regardless, but any measures I can take to minimise the chances of it occurring will be taken. I am of the mind that I will definitely do a paperback collection at the end of two years (yes, people can pirate those too, but there’s a great deal more effort involved). Of course, ultimately it’ll be a matter of weighing up the risks involved, how much something like that would impact on sales, etc, considering that my outfit is, at present, the smallest of the small independent presses and any loss of revenue will hurt.

There WILL be something beyond the chapbooks forthcoming, of that there’s no doubt. It’s now just a matter of deciding what format that something will take. Once again, I will be grateful for any advice and feedback that people out there care to send my way – leave a comment here, or on the Facebook Spectral page, or by sending me an email at spectralpress[AT]gmail[DOT]com.

Looking foward to hearing from you guys!

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