Newsy bits and pieces

Just a few bits of news to tell you this morning. so let’s get down to it:

First off, Paul Finch’s chapbook, King Death, is provisionally sold out – I will be writing to all those who have reserved subs and individual copies next week. All subs purchased from now on will start with Volume V, Simon Kurt Unsworth’s Rough Music. Should there be any spaces left a month before publication, they will be offered to those who bought subs from Volume V in the order they came in.

Secondly, I will be travelling north of the border to visit Melrose in Scotland tomorrow. I have been invited by the fantastic Ellen Simpson to give a Creative Writing/Publishing/Editing workshop to a group of enthusiastic schoolchildren who love both reading and writing. I am looking forward immensely to this because a) the children really DO want to learn about the process from manuscript to final product, b) I get to meet Ellen after a couple of years of online correspondence and c) it’s in Scotland, my ‘spiritual’ home. Singly those are all good reasons, but in combination they’re nigh-on irresistible.

This means that I won’t be very active online for the next few days, but I will be popping online occasionally. People are still greatly encouraged to take out subscriptions, as this is the surest way of obtaining every chapbook published. ‘Back issues’ are already being sought after and, like I wrote in yesterday’s blog, expansion of the imprint is becoming entirely feasible. This is due to the enthusiasm of the writers, reviewers, customers (both subscribers and individual purchasers), and readers who have taken a chance on Spectral. So, why not join those who have already jumped on-board and taken out a subscription – it’s still a great bargain at £13.50UK/£16EU/$30USA/$40 everywhere else. Paypal buttons have been provided for your convenience down the right-hand side of this website – if you want to pay any other way, please contact Spectral at spectralpress[AT]gmail[DOT]com!

EDIT 2100: due to unforeseen circumstances I am no longer off to Scotland tomorrow – but the good news is that I can resume annoying my wife for the next three days… =)

See you soon! =)

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