Aaaaaand off we go…

… to the historic bustling, bohemian seaside town known as Brighton, on the south coast of the UK. In just 24 hours, my wife Liz and I will be setting off for that fair place to attend this year’s FantasyCon event (her first and my second), for three days of excellent company, good food and drink, panels, talks and book-signings, and even a pantomime and burlesque on the Saturday evening (although still not entirely sure about the ‘disco’…). The weather is set to be better than fine, with clear blue skies and blazing sunshine promised. Liz will probably spend part of the time walking on the sea-front and beach, while I will no doubt be propping up the bar and engaging in stimulating literary conversation… or something of that kind. Whatever happens, a good time will be had by all.

If any of you wonderful people out there are attending, then please don’t hesitate to make yourselves known. This is one of the greatest assets of this event – the sheer friendliness and camaraderie of it, and that is always in very plentiful supply. Plus, as a bonus, there will be a specially-printed Spectral Press postcard (featuring the cover image from Paul Finch’s forthcoming King Death chapbook) being given out in the attendees’ goodie bag for you all to pin to your office wall when you get home. That’s worth the price of admission on its own! =D

At any rate, there will be internet silence from me until Monday afternoon at the earliest. So, if you ARE going to FantasyCon, then I will see you at the bar!

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