Monday morning goodness

As promised last week, and in continuation of the regular posting of reviews at the very start of the new week, here are links to not one but TWO new write-ups of Spectral Press publications. Don’t let it ever be said that I’m not good to you people… =)

First up is a guest-review of Cate Gardner’s Nowhere Hall on Amanda Rutter’s fabulous Floor to Ceiling Books blog, written by Jason Baki (himself the worthy proprietor of the Kamvision book review blog) – did Jason like it or not? Just click here to find out…

The next write- up is actually three-in-one – in other words, all three Spectral Press chapbooks (What They Hear in the Dark by Gary McMahon, Abolisher of Roses by Gary Fry and Nowhere Hall) have received attention, plus there’s an overview of Spectral Press itself at the end. These were all written by Kai Savage (except the review of Nowhere Hall, which is by Corina Harrington) and posted on his rewrite blog – and once more, to get the low-down on just what Kai and Corina thought of the chapbooks they read, just click here. (It’s the very first feature at the top…)

More soon!

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