Starting the week with a new Nowhere Hall review

It seems that autumn is well and truly here – today’s weather will mostly be blustery, cloudy and showery with occasional bursts of sunshine. But that really doesn’t matter, because we have another great review of Nowhere Hall for you to peruse – this one’s from HorrorNews. Net and written by Anton Cancre, who also writes for Shroud Magazine. This is a good in-depth wrote-up, well-balanced and gets where Cate’s story is coming from, to use the tired clichĂ©. If you want to read what Anton said, click here.

In other news, I’m debating on whether to put Paul Finch’s King Death on pre-order now, as there are only (provisionally at least) eleven copies of the issue still remaining to be sold. So, if you really do want a copy I suggest you contact me at spectralpress[AT]gmail[DOT]com immediately to let me know you want one. Cate’s chapbook sold out six weeks before publication and Paul’s is on its way to doing the same, so HURRY! Publication date is December 5th 2011… amd also remember, subscriptions are still available to purchase…

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