Subscriptions and subscriber benefits

Yet another little reminder that subscription places are still available from Volume #4 onwards (Paul Finch’s King Death, available in December) – however, there are very few of those places left now, just 35 as of today, 19th July 2011. I’ve included Paypal buttons below for your convenience! (If paying by cheque or bank transfer, email Simon Marshall-Jones at spectralpress[AT]gmail[DOT]com for further details).

As an incentive for people to subscribe, as Spectral expands over the next couple of years with the introduction of new lines of books, subscribers will be able to claim discounts off the cover price of these new lines, and they will also be sent an occasional subscriber-only newsletter giving advance notice and details of forthcoming publications (before they’re announced here), along with any new developments with the imprint. There may also be other stuff available as well, like exclusive competitions and what have you. Remember, to take full advantage of any offers, you need to subscribe (or resubscribe) and there aren’t many places left available for the chapbooks!!

Look forward to hearing from you!

£13.50 UK

£16.00 EU

US$30.00 US

US$40.00 RoW

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