More new titles…

After I announced two new titles last Thursday to be published in 2013, I can reveal the news that I’ve added another two chapbooks to the list, thus completing that year’s publication schedule. Simon Bestwick’s Cold Havens and Terry Grimwood’s Soul Masque have both been moved to later in the year (to become Spectral Volumes X & XI respectively) so that Paul Kane’s Creakers (provisional title) can act as a taster for a short story collection of his which will appear later in the year (but which is not being published by Spectral, I should add) in which the Spectral story will make an appearance. Paul’s chapbook, Spectral Volume IX, will be published in March of that year.

Rounding out 2013, in December, is an as yet untitled chapbook (Spectral Volume XII) from Thana Niveau, an up-and-coming writer whose work has made appearances in well-known genre magazines and anthologies, including last year’s Never Again collection edited by Allyson Bird and Joel Lane.

Exciting times ahead, indeed!!

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