Cate’s Glitteringly Stupendous Nowhere Hall Competition

Everyone likes competitions, especially when there are brilliant prizes to be won. Cate Gardner, author of the sold out Spectral Volume III (Nowhere Hall), absolutely loves holding competitions, and she has decided, in all her loveliness, to hold a contest for all those people who were unlucky enough to miss out on snagging a copy. BUT, the prize is even better than that, because it’ll be the #1 copy in the limited signed and numbered run, and will be personalised for the winner! How cool is that?

But, I’ve already bought a copy!” I hear some of you exclaim, “What about all those who’re like me and went and ordered one?” Fear not, me hearties, because Cate is also holding a concurrent competition for those HAVE already got their copy! What’s the prize? A four issue subscription to Spectral, comprising Volumes IV – VII! A brilliant prize, if I may say so…

So, the important bit: how do you enter this magnificent contest? Simple – pop over to Cate’s blog, specifically this page, and send her an email. Yes, as simple as that – go on, you know you want to!! =D

(And, as the observant amongst you will have noted, the image posted above is the final front cover, with the quote from the estimable Simon Bestwick, who, I can announce, will be having his own Spectral chapbook called Cold Havens at some point in the future! Meanwhile, Daniele Serra’s cover painting is stunning, isn’t it?)

For those who just want to buy a subscription, please see previous blog entry!

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