Abolisher review and a little news

First up on this somewhat undecided-what-to-do-weatherwise Monday morning is a review of Spectral Volume II (aka Abolisher of Roses by Gary Fry) from the good people at the Innsmouth Free Press. Nice to see that Gary’s tale is still getting the kudos it so richly deserves…. (click on the link to read the write-up).

Next up is some news on the follow-up to Abolisher, Spectral Volume III, which, as you all know, is going to be Cate Gardner’s Nowhere Hall. Cate talked about it on her blog a few days ago, and already there are precious few copies left, so, if you haven’t subscribed and want one of these little gems, get ordering NOW (either subscriptions or individual issues)! I suspect that, just like Volume II, this will disappear long before the official publication date of 5th September – read what Cate said by clicking here.

NOWHERE HALL – Cate Gardner

“We want to live…

In the ballroom, wallflower mannequins stretch their fingers towards Ron. He can’t ask them to dance. He’s already waltzing with other ghosts.

Someone stole the world while Ron contemplated death. They packed it in a briefcase and dumped him in the halls of the ruined hotel–The Vestibule. A nowhere place.”

“One of the finest and most individual voices around- there really is no-one quite like Cate Gardner.” –Simon Bestwick

I thoroughly recommend Cate’s stories and I also seriously suggest everyone to check out her collection Strange Men in Pinstripe Suits and Other Curious Things (Strange Publications) to sample her wonderfully surreal fairytale world – but, be aware, it’s a place where whiter than white isn’t quite as innocent as some would have you believe, but it’s also a whole lot more than that…. (also check out what people have been saying about her work in the Reviews section of her website)

(Please note: the cover shown above is a mock up – there will be a different typeface to go over Daniele Serra’s stunningly atmospheric artwork…)

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