In any business’ life, in order for it to maintain some species of momentum, it has to grow and evolve in some way over the course of its duration. So, last night, in a pub (of course!) near Euston Station in London, Simon Kurt Unsworth and I (with a little help from Greg James) took the first steps towards helping Spectral Press do just that. Therefore I am pleased to announce a new line of Spectral books, beginning with:


Signature Editions are single-author story collections, and World Fantasy Award-nominated author Simon Kurt Unsworth will be the one to launch the new line. The edition will contain tales culled from across the writer’s career, the selection representing the full spectrum of his published output so far.  An original story or two, specifically written for this collection, will also be included, plus the stories will be illustrated with exquisite line drawings, by an artist yet to be decided.

The books themselves will be limited edition A5 hardbacks, signed and illustrated, bound in faux-leather and blocked in red foil. There will be no dustjacket, however the front of the book will be adorned with a very simple graphic, featuring the author’s initials, the words ‘SIGNATURE EDITION’ and below that the volume number. The title page will be illustrated and feature the full title of the collection, whatever the author decides that is going to be. Retail price yet to be decided, but will be forthcoming in the not-too-distanmt future.

The projected date of publication will be MARCH 2013. Keep checking back for more details of this project as we get nearer to the launch date!!

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