Some more reviews just in…

The reviews for the forthcoming Spectral Volume II (available May 9th), Gary Fry’s Abolisher of Roses, are now starting to come in, and these are the latest two to land on my virtual desk.

First up is Paul D. Brazill’s review on his You Would Say That, Wouldn’t You site, where the perspicacious Mr. Brazill calls Spectral Press the “… hip indie horror [imprint]…” – read the review here.

Next is Paperback Horror‘s review, which describes Gary’s tale as “… an intense, emotional, and psychologically-challenging read…” and calls Spectral “… as a press to watch, […] delivering yet another incredible piece of short fiction…” You can read the rest of the in-depth review here.

Spectral definitely feels like it’s going places – there are new developments in the works as well, which will be revealed in about a month or two, so keep checking back regularly. Until then, enjoy the reviews!

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