You can now buy your subs for Spectral Press chapbooks (or individual copies, if you wish), direct. The new bank account is up and runnning, which means that you now have the privilege of having the whole of the first year’s publications sent right to your door (see previous blog entry) AND you’ll be able to enter the subscriber-only prize draw (for details of the prize, please see below). You can now pay through Paypal and each sub will cost £10UK/£12EU /$20US/ $25US RoW (all prices inclusive of postage and packing). Individual chapbooks will be available for £3.50UK/£4EU/$6.50US/$10RoW (again all prices inclusive of p+p). You can send remittances to spectralpress[at]gmail[dot]com.

When you do so, your name will be entered into the prize-draw, where you stand the chance of winning a specially signed and framed edition of the first chapbook by Gary McMahon. Alongside it will be a copy of the annotated manuscript, which means that Gary has scribbled all over it in red pen – and he’s even signed it and drawn a little doodle of a smiley horned creature on it as well (very cute, in the way that only Gary understands the word). The winner might even get a free subscription extension for another year on top of that…

So, what are you waiting for? Get subbing NOW!!

Spectral Press: some teasers….

So, as a form of gentle encouragement to you all and as teasers as to what you can expect in the first year of Spectral Press’s existence, here are the back-cover blurbs of the first three chapbooks. (Please note: the publication dates are tentative only – as previously stated this is only because I need sufficient time to raise the funds for this venture. IF I manage to get the funds sooner, then the publication dates will be brought forward – buying a subscription will certainly help make Spectral Press a reality even sooner!!)


WHAT THEY HEAR IN THE DARK – Gary McMahon (January/February 2011)

An absence is more terrifying than a presence…

Rob and Becky bought the old place after the death of their son, to repair and renovate – to patch things up and make the building habitable.

They both knew that they were trying to fix more than the house, but the cracks in their marriage could not be papered over.

Then they found the Quiet Room.”

“Gary McMahon’s horror is heartfelt…” –Tim Lebbon


THE ABOLISHER OF ROSES – Gary Fry (May 2011)

“It’s not always the guilty who have the darkest secrets . . .

Peter has been married to Patricia for nearly thirty years. He’s a practical man, the owner of a thriving factory and the father of two fine lads.

He also has a secret mistress.

One day, his wife takes him along to an outdoor arts exhibition involving some of her paintings, staged in a dark, deep wood. The fact that Peter would rather go for a pie and a pint and to watch the match is something he keeps very much to himself.

But his are not the only secrets in this marriage. And as Peter strays off the only path through the woods, he soon realises that Patricia – through the weirdest of creative art – has quite a few revelations for him . . .”

“Fry is a writer whose technique is as accomplished as his intellect and imagination are powerful.”–Reggie Oliver


NOWHERE HALL – Cate Gardner (September 2011)

“We want to live…

In the ballroom, wallflower mannequins stretch their fingers towards Ron. He can’t ask them to dance. He’s already waltzing with other ghosts.

Someone stole the world while Ron contemplated death. They packed it in a briefcase and dumped him in the halls of the ruined hotel–The Vestibule. A nowhere place.”

“One of the finest and most individual voices around- there really is no-one quite like Cate Gardner.” –Simon Bestwick


Now don’t those sound absolutely fantastic! Get your orders in now, as there will ONLY be 100 of each, signed and numbered…. act fast!

Welcome to Spectral Press!!

Welcome indeed to the first blog on this dedicated Spectral Press site – here you will find details of what will be coming out under the imprint, the authors, the artwork, the reviews as they come in and anything else to do with this venture.

So, what is Spectral Press? It’s the newest small, independent, invite-only press, devoted entirely to ghostly and supernatural fiction. Specifically, Spectral publications will be issued in a chapbook format, ie. each title will be a single story, wrapped in a beautifully designed cover and printed on good quality paper. Chapbooks are planned to be published on either a thrice yearly or quarterly basis.  Authors lined up to appear so far are:

Gary McMahon

Gary Fry

Cate Gardner

Steve Lockley

Thana Niveau

Simon Kurt Unsworth

Stephen Volk

Alison Littlewood

Simon Bestwick

Steve Duffy

Mark West

Raymond Russell

Nicholas Royle

Willie Meikle

John Llewellyn Probert

Angela Slatter

Paul Finch

These are in no particular order, apart from the first three on the list. There will be another blog very soon, following on from this one, giving details of the first year’s output as well as details of how to order and subscribe. Also, please read the About section, as it contains information that may be useful.

Any more info required, please do not hesitate to contact Simon Marshall-Jones on spectralpress[at]gmail[dot]com.